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Suffer with the constant pain of ingrown toenails?

At Tread Right Podiatry we offer both a conservative and permanent reduction of ingrown toenails. 


Onyfix is a pain free alternative treatment for ingrown toenails. A hardener is applied to the top of the ingrown toenail, allowing the nail to be retrained as it grows out. It is a perfect ingrown toenail solution for children, clients with needle phobias and those after an alternative to permanent  toenail removal options.

Partial Nail Avulsion

Whilst Tread Right Podiatry offers conservative treatments for ingrown toenails, occasionally it is necessary to perform a permanent reduction of the toenail. During this consultation the toe is anesthetized by your podiatrist and a technique named “Partial Nail Avulsion” is performed. This technique is minimally invasive and requires no stitches as the skin is not cut. The nail is removed and from there it is simply a matter of keeping the digit clean and dry for 1 week.

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