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Require support for your shoes, have a leg length difference? At Tread Right Podiatry we accept that some clients will need extra support to achieve true healing. In order to offer the best support to our clients Tread Right Podiatry we offer a range of orthotic devices from advanced custom orthotics through to simpler off the shelf orthotics.

In clinic we offer a weight bearing casting technique that captures your true foot. Mimicking your footprint in sand, this technique requires less modification and factors in all the corrections needed during the imprint process. This means less modifications are needed and the orthotic that is produced is closer to the shape and necessary function of your foot.

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Your Steps to Recovery

  • First Consult

    Opportunity for our podiatrists to gain an understanding of what is causing your pain and discuss how we can get you pain free again.

  • Gentle Treatment

    Our gentle, hands on therapies will release you from your pain.

  • Power Forward

    We aim to get you back to the activities you love as quickly as possible.

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